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The best sleep ever! Karen!
I can't recall ever sleeping like that ( promised I would have better sleep after my Abhyanga+Shirodhara)! You are a Goddess, and I am so grateful.
xoxo Thank you so much,


I'm hooked! I moved to Westlake Village 4 years ago and found the most amazing masseuse, Karen Osburn. Her business name is Westlake Holistic and her office is located at the lake in Westlake, a convenient and lovely location. I have been getting massages for 20 years and Karen is the best by far. I highly recommend her. I love a deep tissue massage and she gives me just that but will provide whatever type of massage you want. I have taken my teenagers to her as well and they loved her massage too. She made them feel comfortable and they begged to go back. Go to Westlake Holistic….you will be hooked!
Michelle H
So relaxing! I feel like a noodle, very relaxed.
The only massage therapist for me! I would never go to anyone else! Awesome! Again!
You make my day! Your massage changes my whole day. The world looks brighter outside!
Lissa C
the best! Karen has so much knowledge and expertise in the area of Ayurveda. I can't even count how many people I've sent her way and everyone has been so happy with her. I am super picky about any kind of massage because I'm sensitive to energy. Karen is the only person I trust completely when getting a massage - and she's helped me through many different health issues. We are SO lucky to have this amazing Ayurvedic Practitioner in our area!!
love love love I absolutely love Karen! She is so knowledgeable, talented, kind and relaxing to be with. I see her almost every week now. Karen is my self care treat!
Russ and Alexis Coleman
Great! My wife and I have been going to Karen for years and she is amazing, highly recommended.
Sara S.
I feel like a new person I just had your Wonderful 60minute Massage+Hot Stones and WOW, I feel born again...
Sooo Relaxed! I think that"s the most relaxed I've ever felt in a massage. Thank You!